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Many members have already benefited and have benefited from family, friends and workmates with Referral Program.

We are a group of professionals responsible only promote the Imperial Fiesta Club.

Complete the form below and we will contact the people you have listed.

We will offer the opportunity to live the experience of the Imperial Fiesta Club..

For each referral you purchase a vacation package with this program, take the presentation and become member of the Imperial Fiesta Club You will be rewarded with up to $ 200 in cash and deposited to the account of your choice, or credited to your account maintenance or an additional week membership (paying maintenance).

As an extra benefit, you will not use your weeks when using the Referral Program.
Be among the lucky to win more than $ 4000 per annum in bonuses. Your friends and family will thank you for a holiday and live an experience of their vacation club, contact us for special promotions for their guests.

Department of special promotions and referrals from Members:
Opening hours from 9:00 to 18:00 pm Monday through Friday.
Email: Phone (+52) 810 500 9988 Ext 3741 and 3745.

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